piątek, 19 lutego 2016

Day 6

Tha Sop Sao, Mae Tha District, Lamphun – Hang Chat

I am demotivated.

I’m not half way done but already pretty fed up with this trip. I feel physically weak and had I not had some WarmShowers hosts lined up, I would have absolutely nothing to look forward to…

But hey, it’s my HOLIDAY. I’m not sentenced to a punishment. I can stop whenever I want. This is why today I decide to focus on good ol’ visitin’. I spend half the day at a local market and half in an “elephant (care?) park”. They use “care” in the name, but given that visitors ride the animals, I say it’s exploitation. I feel really uneasy in there and, once again, find the confirmation that I should really be avoiding the (touristic) beaten tracks.

I hurry to my destination, Hang Chat, where a lovely host called Chai welcomes me with a poster on his door as if I were a VIP. I finally get into one of those typical houses that I see so many: with no doors, just a garage entrance for a car. It turns out the car gets parked on the ground floor which is a garage concealing a staircase leading to the actual housing space. Who would have guessed?

Km: 33.99 km
Tm: 1:46 h
Av: 19.2 km/h
TOTAL: 330 km


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