poniedziałek, 22 lutego 2016

Day 9

Hat Siao, Sukhothai – New Sukhothai, Sukhothai

Upon ravaging the entire breakfast stock the hotel put on the table, my belly and I are ready to go. It’s hot, it’s flat and I’m tired and uncomfortable. I don’t like the scenery and I don’t feel like talking to people. I just want to be on my bike. I suspect though it’s because of the language barrier which renders communication with locals nearly impossible. It’s quite frustrating to be honest, as I can’t bullshit my way around and need to speak the only internationally recognised language: money.

After 75 kilometres of soaking myself in water and drying up in minutes, I get to New Sukhothai, where I’m to wait for my CouchSurfing host, Pornpan, who finishes off at 5pm.

Since I get to the city at around 3, what better way to kill the time than with a good ol’ massage? Thai landscapes my not be to my liking, but Thai massage definitely is.

Pornpan shows up right after I’m done, with her boyfriend, on a motorbike (the basic means of transportation in the country). Luckily, when we go out to dinner, I get to ride ON rather than BEHIND one.

The couple takes me out to their favourite restaurant which, surprise, turns out to be Western-cuisine inspired. I hope nobody takes this personally but Thais better stick to their traditional food.

We talk about travelling and working opportunities around the world. Turns out that Thais have just a couple of days of paid leave. Basically, if you want to go and travel you have to quit your job! I am so grateful to be living in a holiday-generous Republique of France!

Km: 75.94 km
Tm: 3:56
Av: 19.2 km/h
TOTAL: 565 km